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Diaries of the Newly Enciente: Week 14, The First Trimester Wrap Up

Eyes shut and heart open. This sums up how I feel on the last week of my neurotic, and verging on extreme paranoia phase, AKA the most sensitive time in a new mom's pregnancy.
So far baba's clinging tight and secretly mumbling "you're not getting away that easy future mommy." 
I'm glad he's proving to be so tenacious.

Diaries of the Newly Enceinte: The First Trimester (Weeks 11 to 13)

Week 11
Week 11 starts with bang. So while I have told my closer friends about our impending arrival, I haven't really shared the news with the wider group. I'm not precious about it, I just don't think its anyone else's business until I start showing.
Well apparently, there has been talk already! It all started when I began wearing flats to work. Who knew that my stilettos and heels have become such a part of my "image" at work?? Followed by the big red flag of us buying a crossover SUV. While we bought the car before we even knew, thinking we've always wanted to try a bigger car, to all observing it was a sure sign that we were getting "family ready."
Then I started coming to work embodying Annie Lennox's Whiter Shade of Pale, skipping my usual coffee runs with work mates & substituting with hot chocolate. Plus let's not forgot the flowy tops or the cardigans and goodbye to my button ups and pencil skirts. All these combined just s…

Diaries of the Newly Enceinte: The First Trimester (Weeks 9 & 10)

So its monumental week 9...

Diaries of the Newly Enceinte: The First Trimester (Weeks 5 to 8)

You would think that learning about my baba at 5 weeks would make things easier right? That's one month and a week off my 40 week wait. But noooooo... for anyone who knows me, they know that I plan things. I hate surprises and anything that remotely deals with the unknown. I don't just like to be prepared about the serious stuff, I NEED to be.