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Aoife Pre Manila

5 days after her 4th month mark and we are noticing more and more things about bubs changing.
She never really went through the indiscriminate swiping and grabbing phase, instead she likes to get to know her toys before she swipes or grabs at them. It took her a while before she finally warmed up to the toys hanging from her cot or the toys on her jumperoo, but these days, the occasional batting and swiping has become an immediate thing every time she's set on the bed or on her jumperoo. She still takes a while to warm up to new toys but looks like I don't have to worry about her not making this milestone.
I know. It feels like with each month, I worry about her not hitting the mark. These days I fret over her sometimes still jerky arm movements. Instinctively, I know they're nothing to worry about as she has good control over them most of the time but I still worry. Even if they only happen when she's tired or sleepy. Even if I know that my baby is still new to the wo…