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Diaries of the Newly Enceinte: To Tell or Not To Tell

So by my count, I was 5 weeks when I found out and the online calculators estimate my due date to be the 16th of July. Although they do say that your first child can usually be up to two weeks late, I am sticking with the 16th of July.
Number one rule after finding out you're pregnant? Don't tell anyone until after you've passed your 12 week mark. Did I follow it? Not exactly...

Diaries of the Newly Enceinte: The Beginning

After years and years of being pushed and prodded, PIC and I have finally entered the very adult waters of planning a family. I've always said I'd want to have one before I turned 35, and I guess anywhere between 32 & 33 would be a good place to have the little bugga.