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Sometimes Its Not All Fun & Games...

Hello folks, apologies for the long hiatus. Sometimes, it really isn't just all fun and games. The last couple of months have been ridiculously busy both at work and at home. 
At work, we're going through this major transition that almost pushed me to the edge of quitting but lo and behold - glutton for punishment that I am, I remain steady in my day job.
Then there's home life. We were informed almost two months back that our landlords are flying back to the country and want their house back. Which means we have to skedaddle and find another place to rent. Talk about inconsiderate! LOL. Anyway, crisis averted and we've since moved to another rental. This time we made sure the landlord was well and truly away with no plans of coming back to haunt us.
As if these weren't enough to set any sane person running for the hills, I also decided to start processing my mom and brother's visa application to come visit PIC and I in NZ. Sometimes, I think I do these things…