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All Hail the Mighty All Blacks: As told from the mind of a clueless fan

I started off the 2011 Rugby World Cup never having watched a match completely from start to finish. It just wasn't something I saw myself completely invested in. Not even  when Sonny Bill Williams showed off his glorious pecs and abs during the All Blacks vs Tonga game.

My Partner In Crime aka PIC

This weekend is a bit different from many weekends past. There was no weekly badminton, no plans with friends, a Rugby World Cup Final Sunday night and a public holiday on Monday. I loved it.

Yes, I'm Still Here

In case you've been wondering where I've been off to the last couple of weeks -- I just got dunked into the busiest work weeks I've ever had since starting here in Kiwilandia.
Babysat two new clients, one in pitch and one in transition, and realized just a tad too late that they needed more effort than I was originally told. Unfortunately in the midst of all this fuss, I had pre-scheduled a four day trip to Sydney with PIC and it could not have come at the worst time. How was I to know three months ago that this was going to happen??
Anyway, while my first day off was a bit tense and I drove straight from the airport to the office on my first day back everything went off without a hitch with the clients and so far, they still seem to love us. Enter all the other busy work, our 10k run, and two weeks have passed since we got back from Australia Fair.
There really isn't any point to this post my friends. I just thought you'd be interested to know that I am still ali…