Aoife Pre Manila

5 days after her 4th month mark and we are noticing more and more things about bubs changing.
She never really went through the indiscriminate swiping and grabbing phase, instead she likes to get to know her toys before she swipes or grabs at them. It took her a while before she finally warmed up to the toys hanging from her cot or the toys on her jumperoo, but these days, the occasional batting and swiping has become an immediate thing every time she's set on the bed or on her jumperoo. She still takes a while to warm up to new toys but looks like I don't have to worry about her not making this milestone.
I know. It feels like with each month, I worry about her not hitting the mark. These days I fret over her sometimes still jerky arm movements. Instinctively, I know they're nothing to worry about as she has good control over them most of the time but I still worry. Even if they only happen when she's tired or sleepy. Even if I know that my baby is still new to the wo…

4 Months of Bubs

Bubs is now officially four months old!

Bub's 3 Month Milestones

Aoife is now three and a half months old, wriggly, a bit chubby, and quite opinionated.
I used to always exclaim about how she's starting to show some personality but now I think its even more defined. More and more its looking like she knows what she wants and makes sure you help her get it. Otherwise, she's become really adept at screaming her head off. Luckily these instances are still rare.

Enjoying Our 11 Week Old Bubba

My friends, we are now in a new age of baby.
Funny how these weeks run past so quickly and so agonizingly slow at the same time. The three and six month mark promise so many development milestones for bubs that would make her more play worthy and shock proof, that it seems we are perpetually waiting for them to come round. On the other hand, each day has been a study in amazement as we see how fast she is progressing and changing by the minute! So where does that leave us?
Happy. Really, can we be anything but?

6 Weeks On...

Six weeks on and how far we have come.

My Induction & Delivery

I know this should have come before my last post on new parenthood but I guess talking about my little bubs has me more motivated than talking about me. However, I did promise I'd write about the experience so here goes.

I was scheduled for an induction on the 17th of July and was at the hospital by 7:40 AM. It was slightly later than I had hoped (recall that at this stage I was SO Over being preggers) but waiting till the 17th meant that bubs would be 39 weeks and as well cooked as he can get prior to 40 weeks -- plus Chinese Feng Shui indicate that the 17th and 18th are auspicious days! (No, we didn't really plan it this way, it was just a happy auspicious co-inky-dink) So not a bad start to an induction.
Prior to the 17th, PIC and I were super organized. We had three bags set up -- one for me and all my labor "necessities", another bag with all of baby's things, and a third bag for PIC, extra clothes just in case he gets to stay the night, and a stash of munch…

My First Week of New Parenthood

Technically bubs is now a week and 2 days old but what's 2 days give or take right?
All that reading and past experience taking care of my younger brother when I was in High School have paid off big time in the last nine days. It certainly made me a little less clueless and ably pretend that I know what I am doing. Unfortunately, neither quite prepared me for how much hard work it really is.