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The Three Day Taupo Thunder (3 of 4): Huka Falls Jet

Another day, another set of Taupo exploring to do. This particular day saw us dressed and ready at 10:30 AM waiting at the hotel lobby for our Huka Falls Jet pick up. 
Whenever we'd try to look up "Things to do in Taupo..." this attraction always came up as a popular choice. Even our local friends were quick to say that this is a must-do stop, so "do" we did.

The Three Day Taupo Thunder (2 of 4): The Cliffhanger Swing & De Bretts Spa

Yes folks, I'm still alive... I am quickly typing this now before I hit my one month mark. There goes all attempts to get back into the flow of things and churn out a blog once a week or at least every two weeks. This real life thing just doesn't rhyme with my chosen lifestyle. 
Anyway, let me tell you all about my attempt at the Cliffhanger Swing and our quick splash into the De Bretts Spa.