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My Induction & Delivery

I know this should have come before my last post on new parenthood but I guess talking about my little bubs has me more motivated than talking about me. However, I did promise I'd write about the experience so here goes.

I was scheduled for an induction on the 17th of July and was at the hospital by 7:40 AM. It was slightly later than I had hoped (recall that at this stage I was SO Over being preggers) but waiting till the 17th meant that bubs would be 39 weeks and as well cooked as he can get prior to 40 weeks -- plus Chinese Feng Shui indicate that the 17th and 18th are auspicious days! (No, we didn't really plan it this way, it was just a happy auspicious co-inky-dink) So not a bad start to an induction.
Prior to the 17th, PIC and I were super organized. We had three bags set up -- one for me and all my labor "necessities", another bag with all of baby's things, and a third bag for PIC, extra clothes just in case he gets to stay the night, and a stash of munch…