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Diaries of the Newly Enciente: The Big Reveal @ 20 weeks

Last time I blogged, I admit I was still experiencing the after effects of my first term nausea. That however, has since abated. Thank Fudge!
I am now well and truly into the good months or as I like to call them, my normal months. This is as close as I've felt to my usual self since being preggers, apart from the big belly.

Diaries of the Newly Enciente: Hello 2nd Trimester

So I started this term thinking it would be easier.
But apparently I am doomed to experience all the normal symptoms of pregnancy. With the second trimester comes the exit of morning sickness and the dawn of more indigestion and heartburn.
Unfortunately on intense indigestion days, it also comes hand in hand with nausea and vomiting. The latter of which, I've never had to experience during my first trimester. Other than this, I will give the blogs and guide books props as they weren't kidding about feeling closer to normal during this time. 
Well, as normal as I can be at 17 weeks walking around feeling like one of those little wooden fertility statues you see in museum gift shops with the boobage and the pot belly. At this stage, my tummy doesn't quite resemble a pregnant belly just yet. Its still a cross between a beer gut and someone who's had a big lunch that just won't go away.
Another thing I've noticed are a proliferation of age spots that tends to happ…