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Randoms: The Pre-Loved Car

Or in my case, not so loved.

I've never really driven a pre-owned car before, let alone bought one. I've always believed that the security you get from knowing your car will last hassle free for the first 3-5 years justifies the premium of buying a new car.

Randoms: Dissecting the Bad in Badminton

I thought I'd do these random posts to keep things interesting... nothing important or heavy, just random moments in my life that feel fun to share. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Every Saturday PIC and I join a group of Pinoys for two hours of badminton in the afternoon that we normally arrive an hour late for and make it a point to only play four games.
Whenever asked if I'd want to have another go, I just say I've hit my quota at four. With at least three courts in play and two hours, you can play a helluva lot more than four even if you only came in for the latter hour.
Now, just this last Saturday for some absurd reason, I decided (with a bum shoulder / crick in the neck that has been plaguing me for days) to go for gold -- PIC and I arrived early and stayed the full two hours and I played at least eight full doubles games almost non-stop.
Sunday came, and I couldn't even get out of bed without an Advil. I couldn't drop/relax my left arm or my shoulder would…

Jervois Steak House

Have you ever seen Masterchef? More specifically, have you ever seen Masterchef New Zealand?

Well one of the chef judges is Simon Gault and I am fast discovering that I am a fan of his work.

Quick Post: Treasures of Commerce Street

In the last month or so, I've probably been to Commerce Street at least three times now. In fact, if I weren't buried with work last night, tonight's visit would have been a fourth.
So what's so special about Commerce Street in Auckland? The Food.