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Quick Post: On the Joys of Pending Parenthood

In the same vein that I whinge endlessly over the trials of pregnancy and exult over my little bub's growth -- I suspect this article will be me in the coming years.
I know I am a direct person and I have suffered through many a disapproving frown, tongue clicks, and lectures as I spout statements of fact that usually fall under the shameful category of "done-but-unadmitted". 
But I truly believe in saying it as it is. Unfortunately, with each year that passes, I find that I possess a waning patience for the silly and the lack of common sense in this world that I become even more direct (if that were even possible) and even more unforgiving of obtrusive and judgy comments thrown about.
Reading this though makes me feel rational in my sense that while I understand the joys of pending parenthood, I most adamantly will not pretend its a walk in the park & that I should be thankful for every wail, tantrum, or any chaotic upheaval that comes my way. While we strive to …

Diaries of the Newly Enciente: Counting the Days @ 33 weeks

Not much has happened since our last post. These last two months are really dragging on so...
As of this writing, we still have 7 weeks, 2 days, 10hrs, 55 minutes, and 8 seconds to go before our due date. Not that I'm counting really. Everything just feels like its moving soooooo slowly.