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Diaries of the Newly Enciente: The 26th Week Update

So... its the 26th week... what else is new?

Diaries of the Newly Enciente: Baby Lists!

There are lists to be followed and lists to be ignored. For this one, I think I fell safely in the middle.
Shopping for babies in NZ is not particularly appealing. You kind of get the feeling that there is not enough interest in all the bits and baubles of babyland and everything is so overpriced! A good example of this is how Mothercare recently closed its operations in NZ for lack of sufficient market. This, despite the abundance of babies to be found cavorting on the streets. It simply boggles the mind!
Last August, we booked a trip to the USA for our annual biggie vacay and shopping spree only to realize four months later that I'll be at the tail end of my 2nd trimester when we finally make the trip. The trip's focus instantly changed at that point from "me, me, me" to "baby, baby, baby".
If we thought buying on Amazon was cheaper than buying locally even with shipping costs, imagine how much more fun it would be to shop from the source??
So off we went …