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2011 in Review

In the year that was, I started this blog with the very noble intention of churning out at least one blog post a week. I ended up with 46 out of a potential 52. So apart from my 88% success rate on blogging, here's how I did on my 2011 To Do List:
I said I'd run a half marathon, but missed out on the sign up deadline. I blame my unwilling subconscious on that oversight but in my defense, I did run a 10k this year. For now, that ought to suffice. I did not get to learn tennis butI did get to learn squash and even managed to make a Tuesday habit out of it. That has sadly gone to the wayside now but let's hope that picks up again soon. Otherwise purchasing his and hers racquets for myself and PIC would become a total waste.I did learn to surf this year. I was out on the water twice and even managed to stand up on my own a few times. I might want to learn how to swim better though before I attempt to do any more surfing.Get cooking lessons... hmm, does watching youtube count?I…

US West Coast Day 1: Los Angeles

Our flight arrived early and we got to the hotel in our little rental car by 11:30am but were informed that check in isnt till 3pm. So what did we do to kill time? Drove 80 odd kms for an hour to reach the closest outlet mall. We didnt get back to the hotel till 8pm but I must admit our haul was pretty impressive.

While this day has been a deviation from my immaculately planned IT -- I say, let the games begin!