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Watching NZ Rugby League in Style - From the Lounge!

The closest I ever got to rugby was playing tag rugby in Ireland. I was mediocre at it plus my team mates found it hard to pass the ball to me given my height. Whenever the taller ones did, it was almost always WAY over my head and I've had to leap up with a 50-50 chance to get the ball. So there were very few tries in my career plus one solidly embarrassing attempt that wasn't counted as it was a touchdown vs a valid try (hard lesson to learn in a tight game after a breath defying dash across the pitch and a celebratory jig over the try line). I guess I was more a "tagger" than a "tryer" you could say.

So when PIC rang me to ask if I wanted to see a real life Rugby game from the Vodafone Warriors' lounge, I said, "Hey sure, why not?".

The Three Day Taupo Thunder (4 of 4): Huka Prawn Park

I finally managed to spit out this last instalment of our Taupo excursion.
Huka Prawn Park is actually located in the same compound as the Huka Falls Jet office, literally just next door -- which is why it was so hard to avoid.

Ted Baker has Arrived in NZ!!!

OK, so I'm still faffing about on all the meaty stuff but this is so much more important!

For those of you who know me, Ted Baker was a favourite resource of mine for office wear and party dresses while I resided in Dublin, Ireland. So imagine my excitement when I saw a "Coming Soon" sign at a yet-to-be-opened shop on the ground level of Britomart here in Auckland, with Ted's much beloved logo plastered on it. With my poor unassisted eyesight, I literally spotted it from at least 10 feet away and went sprinting closer to the glass panes just to confirm that my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. PIC barely knew what hit him.
So August is now upon us and the store has opened. As anticlimactic as it sounds, it took me almost two weeks before I found my way to Mr Baker's Kiwi abode. It was lovely, but tiny, and an average of 30-40% more expensive than they are in the UK. There were a few items I'd scoped on their online store that I was hoping to get at the stor…

Randoms: PIC's Own List of Cities to Visit

Ok, so I know I have a gajillion posts in backlog, but here I am again sharing bits of fluff. 
Due to the popularity of my earlier "Cities" post, I thought you guys might be equally interested in PIC's own list of Top Ten Cities to visit. So here goes -

TokyoMoscow + St PetersburgBerlin + MunichMonaco + ZurichAthensRio de Janeiro + ArgentinaBarcelonaPhnom PenhBeijing + ShanghaiMorocco
Now, despite being an auditor you might notice that Maths isn't exactly his strong suit. Neither is following directions. He also wanted me to mention that he's also interested in seeing Egypt, Seattle, Bangkok and Poland just in case he can still squeeze those in.
Funny how there are at least 455 cities in the world with populations of over a million people but we still come up with the same five cities in our top ten (or in PIC's case -- expanded top ten) list. 
I do have to say that with each year we see more cities, this list does tend to change a bit. If you had asked us to hand…