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First post! 2011 Auckland Seafood Festival

Its my first post for this blog and its about my latest adventure too... something tells me it'll be a while before I manage to write about all of our travels to date. There has been so much and I highly doubt I'd be able to recall all -- but here's hoping.

Anyway, onto my first post!

Apparently the Auckland Seafood Festival is an annual 3-day thing that happens about the time of the Auckland Day weekend. This year, it started from Saturday the 29th of January and ends on Auckland Day, Monday the 31st at the Viaduct Basin.

My partner in crime (PIC) and I went on the Sunday and arrived at around 1.30pm greeted by throngs of people enjoying the good seafood and the wine. Our friends had gotten there earlier, about 12-ish which meant someone had the good sense and great luck to snag a table for the group. The only rule was that there should always be at least one person left manning the fort so we get to keep our table while the rest of the group toured the site and filled up …