4 Months of Bubs

Happy Baba
Bubs is now officially four months old!

Her latest updates? She now rolls from her back, to her right, and lands on her tummy every second she can. She still can't flip back or try the same move via her left side, but I say she's pretty chuffed that she has this little milestone under her belt (and so is mommy!).

loving the faces on her feet
Her babble has now also turned into little wails. Not plaintive or grumpy wails, but closer to "I-like-the-sound-of-my-voice-mommy-&-I-am-going-to-hold-this-note-for-as-long-as-I-can" type of wail. I'm guessing this is her new way of "talking." Given that it is a wail, it does confuse me sometimes and I always pause to gauge if she's complaining about something or if she's talking to me. But so far 9 out of 10 its usually delivered with a smile or a giggle at the end as she looks to me expectantly waiting for me to wail back. Silly as it sounds, I do try and wail back and she loves it, and continue for a few rounds at least before she looks on to the next pretty thing that distracts her.

We've now also started her on fish soup! We thought rather than surprise her little belly with solids when she hits that 6 month mark, that maybe it would be a good idea to introduce her to her high chair, wearing a bib (she doesn't usually as these always end up in her mouth), and feeding from a spoon. So fish soup it is! The first time we tried it, bubs actually bawled every time we took the spoon away. She's calmed down lots now, but still gets so excited now that she's getting something other than milk. I do wonder what the appeal is as its bland as heck. No salt, no nothing, just salmon in hot water and there's her soup. She doesn't even get the fish! Although, given how she chases shower water with her mouth during bath time, this whole "gimme soup" phenomenon makes a bit of sense.

learning to grip!
We're now also in the process of learning to sit and hold our bottle and sippy cup. Luckily bubs actually likes sitting and standing while propped up. We just need to work on her balance and more tummy time to strengthen her little core muscles. As for holding her bottle and cup, this one's a bit more of a challenge. She knows how to hold her bottle and her cup for a spell, is even able to bring the spout / nipple to her mouth, but mostly just manages to dislodge or drop both. She has the strength but still needs to work on the control. I am not quite sure how to teach her but as long as she keeps enjoying herself when we practice here's hoping its not too far away.

ostrich hair
So those are the fun bits, on to the not so happy update. Bubs got a small patch of eczema on her left cheek that just wont go away even with consistent Sudocream applications. This little skin problem came after she had a little outbreak on her face when we started giving her regular baths. We switched her wash from J&J to Aveeno and finally to Mustela which minimized & eventually stopped the outbreaks (till they were almost completely gone) but this little patch didn't seem to get better. So I tried a combination of Mustela's bath oil and Stelatopia cream and so far it looks like its working. After a week, the little patch is now less than half the size it used to be and continues to shrink. It doesn't seem to bother her and never got to the itchy stage but I just feel for the little tike seeing that little spot on her face. So pretty happy that its almost gone now, and makes me so much more conscious of her bath products and moisturizing her face after.

Other than that, she still has her ostrich hair as her dad likes to call it. Know how ostrich have a sparse tuft of hair that barely covers their head? Well that's what PIC calls eklok's hair.

Tomorrow we have another session at Plunket where they'll be talking about solid food for bubs. Should be interesting!


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