Funky Pillow Cases from Me & U

This is a super quick post, but I just wanted to share finding this shop totally by accident while we were roaming around the atrium of SM Megamall on our last Manila visit.

Human Touch Pillows from the Me & U Shop (Source:

I am such a big fan of cutesy stuff that this store just screamed at me when we passed it. It had pillow cases, mugs, shirts, coasters, and other knick knacks galore that screamed cute, funny, and unique!

From walking around the tiny shop, the items that really caught my attention were the pillows and the mugs. I just loved how they were cute but not too sickly sweet or too hello kitty-ish. The humor is fresh without being too cheesy and the grammar is correct unlike most waves of cutesy stuff that we get from our other Asian neighbors. Now, if I didn't already have a gazillion mugs at home, I probably would have gotten these guys too but I guess I have to put the brakes on somewhere. Instead, I opted to get pillow cases.

Tired Mug (
Kiss Stain Mug (source:

They had these giant or long pillow that could span the width of your bed, but I have never been a fan of those "hotdog" type pillows so I skipped those and made a bee line towards the paired pillow cases instead. Each set came with mostly couply themes where the guy gets the girl in one way or another. There's one with a giant magnet, another with a fishing rod, another where the guy steels a kiss and so on. 

Now, I've always liked dressing my bed in more classic chic designs, none too floral or too contemporary, but this time I made an exception. Since the pillow cases came in either white, khaki, or navy, this makes them easy enough to blend with any sheet palette. In my case, I went ahead and bought myself a few pairs. I also got some for friends and I am hoping they liked them, but I think it takes a certain kind of humor to appreciate these kitschy stuff as presents. 

Now sheet changing day has arrived and I opted to use the navy cases to match against plain white and waffle textured covers. Result? I can't stop grinning each time I walk into my room and see them.

My bed now

If you do like those big pillows that you can wrap your arms and legs around while you sleep, I do suggest getting them instead of the paired pillow cases as then your caricature would look more fluid and you wont have to worry about how they join when you make your bed. They do have more than the sweety paired pillow cases though, they have tons of stuff that are not necessarily romantically cute, but more real life cute. 

So far, I am happy with my purchase as they never fail to make me smile and the fabric also feels like its of good quality (trust me, I'm picky with fabrics). Maybe in a few days, I'll let you know how they wash too! But for now, I highly recommend you visit their store or their site to browse more of their products. I guarantee that you'll come across something that's bound to make you smile.


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